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Front Mounted Disc Mowers

KUHN, the inventor and leading innovator of disc-cutting technology, has produced over 650,000 cutterbars since inventing the disc mower over 40 years ago. KUHN offers many choices for large or small operations to meet your hay-cutting needs. The KUHN cutterbar is joined to frame and suspension systems that have been engineered to exceed the requirements of today’s increasing horsepower and greater acreages. The low profile cutterbar, fitted with heavy-duty discs and skids, cuts at a flat angle for a faster, smoother cut.

GMD 802 F

Select Economy Disc Mowers

Rear three-point mounted mowers - oval discs - compact, protected mower unit - ground pressure adjustment spring - compact unit for transport - tried and tested reliability.

GMD 55
GMD 66

Trailed disc mowers

The GMD 283 TG trailed disc mower is the clear choice for proven grass harvesting. This mower features a lower tractor horsepower requirement, easier attachment, and excellent stability compared to fully-mounted disc mowers. The new TG series machine is also a practical alternative to the mounted disc mower and "caddy" combinations. Thise new model offers the benefits of higher working rates, simple adjustments, and the proven KUHN 100 series disc cutterbar.

GMD 283 TG
GMD 3150 TL
GMD 3550 TL
GMD 4050 TL

Triple Head Disc Mowers

A combination that combines high work output with low power consumption and cost-in-use - 3 overlap widths available - pendulum type articulation of the mowing units - hydro-pneumatic suspension - non-stop safety release - OPTIDISC® cutter bar.

GMD 8730

Horizontal Fold Disc Mowers

LIFT CONTROL ® hydro-pneumatic suspension and NON-STOP safety device - built-in hydraulic lift - new OPTIDISC® cutterbar - cutting components driven through 1st disc on the tractor side - hydraulic transport position setting with 90° pivot to the rear.

GMD 3510
GMD 4010
GMD 4410

Vertical Fold Disc Mowers

Rear 3-point mounted mowers - Oval discs - Disc cutterbar consisting of reinforced bearings, disc bearing housings, knives and skids - HD version for difficult conditions - Automatic disc cutterbar locking for transport - Hitch pins adjustable for lateral offset - Safety breakaway - Swathing equipment using swath wheels.

GMD 350
GMD 400
GMD 500

Mounted drum mowers

As reliable and economical as the big KUHN mowers. With the three models of drum mower, PZ 170, PZ 190 and PZ 220, KUHN provides high-quality technology and working widths from1.65 to 2.10 m. The KUHN drum mower is suitable for small to medium-sized farms. These models are quipped with 2 flat sided drums and rotating saucers. For changing the blades the quick-change blade system ensures trouble free blade change within minutes. On hitting an obstacle the safety break back system is automatically activated. The PZ 220 can be retrofitted with a conditioner which can be removed without tools thanks to a special centre section and practical quick-locking mechanisms. During road transport the mower can be folded horizontal or vertical behind the tractor.

PZ 170