Meyer Farm Ind. 8720

MeyerFE GinTrashSpreader Ind 8720

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MeyerFE GinTrashSpreader Ind 8720



The patented rear unload system will give you the most consistent spread pattern. The high speed rear expellers break up gin trash so your fields are free of clumps and the rear discharge design nearly eliminates gusty winds from altering the coverage pattern.

The two large 20" augers (23" on Industrial) are made of 3/8" sectional flighting. The heavier gauge steel will add years of life to your spreader. The 3rd auger runs forward which keeps weight on your tractor and eliminates bridging.

The automatic oiler system is activated by the rear gate. Every time you use your spreader the chains get oiled.


Dimensions/Specs. Ind. 8720
Capacity Bushels/cu.ft.
    (V-Force includes 19" Flared Ext.)
Weight 13,720 lbs.
Height (Loading) 87" w/21.5Lx16.1
Overall Width 118" w/21.5Lx16/1
(Outside Tires)
Tread Width 99.5" w/21.56
Tank Length
Overall Length
16' 8"
26' 6"
Max. Load
w/Spreader Weight
Roller Chain Drive 80-120-140
Constant Velocity PTO
w/Overrunning Clutch
1000 RPM
Axle Tandem
Hub Size 10-bolt - 15,000#
Spindle Size 3 1/2"
Frame Construction 8" Channel
Door Opening 32" X 53"
Hopper Steel Copper Bearing 1/4"
Lower Auger Diameter 23"
Auger Flighting Thickness 3/8" sectional
Drive Line Protection Overrunning
Slip Clutch
Lower Auger Shear Hubs Standard
Expeller Speed 716 RPM
Auger Speed 11 RPM
H.P. Requirements Min. 140
Auto Oiler Standard
3rd Auger (for solid materials) Standard
Height Extension (19" High Volume) N/A
Hydraulic Lid Optional
19" Longer Hitch N/A
Safety Chain Optional
1000 RPM PTO Standard
540 RPM N/A
Light Package Standard
Truck Mount Optional