Meyer Farm Ind. 8720 Trk Mt. w/Mount Brkts

MeyerFE IndustrialSpreader 8720

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MeyerFE IndustrialSpreader 8720



  • All Meyer Industrial Spreaders feature three augers constructed of massive sectional flighting. Thrust bearing and nylatron sleeves on the drive side of the auger reduce stress and horse power requirements. Steep tank sides constructed from heavy gauge, rust resistant steel are just plain heavier than the rest!
  • A "T-Post" Auger hold down system creates a larger opening for foreign objects to pass through. Individual Bottom Auger Shear Hub Protection safe guards your investment and allows you to unload even with one auger obstructed. Standard feature 8720 & 8865.
  • Hardened expeller jaws are easy to replace and less expensive than pivoting hammer systems.
  • Easy Serviceability - Grease banks provide quick maintenance from ground level.
  • Auto Oiler will automatically oil your roller chains each time you operate the tailgate. Operator maintains easy access to components, unlike oil bath designs. Reservoir easily filled on side of spreader.
  • The optional Hydraulic Lid is available. The lid provides cleaner transportation and less odor pollution. right or left opening.
  • Meyer Super Spreaders can be truck mounted for fast over the road transport to your fields. Meyer units are adaptable to a wide range of trucks and also terra-gator systems. Drive options include both PTO and hydraulic.


Dimensions Ind. 8720 Trk Mt. w/Mount Brkts Ind. 8865 Trailer Type w/28L-26 Tires Ind. 8865 Trk Mt. w/Mt. Brkts
Bushels Heaped 720 865 865
Gallons/Cu.Ft. (struck) 3500/468 4200/562 4200/562
Cu. yards (struck) 17.33 cu. yards 20.8 cu. yards 20.8 cu. yards
Overall Length 20' 10 " Hyd. Motor 29' 10" 24' 2" w/Hyd Motor
Inside Tank Length 16' 8" 20' 20'
Loading Height 68" plus trk ht. 88" w/28L x 26 68" plus trk. ht.
Overall Height- 77" plus trk ht. 97" w28L x 26 77" plus trk ht.
 -Top of Splash Guard      
Overall Width (outside tires) 101" - 101"
Overall Width w/high N/A 141" w/28L x 26 N/A
floatation axle pkg.      
Top Inside Tank Width 101" 101" 101"
Total Weight 9,400# 18,020# 10,700#
Max. Load (Lbs.) 35,200# 38,000# 38,000#
Auger Diameter (lower) 23" 23" 23"
Auger Flighting Thickness 3/8" sectional 3/8" sectional 3/8" sectional
Ind. Lower Auger Shear Hub Sprockets Standard Standard Standard
3rd Auger (solid material) Standard - 16" Standard - 16" Standard - 16"
Drive - PTO RPM PTO Direct Std. 1000 RPM PTO Direct Std.
Constant Velocity Hydrostatic Opt. 1 3/4-20 spline Hydrostatic Opt.
Drive Line Protection Cut out clutch w/shear bolt (PTO) Overrunning cut
out clutch w/bolts
Cut out clutch w/shear bolt (PTO)
Roller Chain Drive 80-120-140 80-120-140 80-120-140
Roller Chain Auto Oiler Standard Standard Standard
Expellor Speed (RPM) 716 RPM 716 RPM 716 RPM
Expellor Diameter 30" 30" 30"
Construction Copper bearing Copper bearing Copper bearing
Material steel steel steel
Thickness - Auger Troughs 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Thickness - Tank Sides 3/16" 3/16" 3/16"
Frame Construction Heavy 8"
Heavy 8"
Heavy 8"
Door Opening 32" x 53" 32" x 53" 32" x 53"
Standard Axle Spind Diameter   N/A  
High Floatation Axle N/A Standard N/A
Spindle Diameter   4 1/2" sleeved  
Hub Size N/A N/A N/A
High Floatation N/A 10 bolt - 20,000# N/A
Hub Size      
Splash Shields - Stnd. 45 front/45 rear 45 front/45 rear 45 front/45 rear
Tractor Requirement N/A 160 HP Tractor N/A
PTO HP (Min.)      
Lights Standard Standard Standard
Hyd. Brakes-HF axle only Optional
2 or 4 wheels
2 or 4 wheels
2 or 4 wheels
Hyd. Drive Expellors Optional N/A Optional
w/Variable Auger Speeds      
1000 RPM 1 3/4" spline Optional Standard Standard
Hydraulic Lid Optional Optional Optional
Poultry Litter Package Optional Optional Optional
High Floatation N/A Standard N/A
Axle Package      
Safety Chain   Optional  
Truck Mt. Drive Options PTO - Direct Std.
Hydrostatic - opt.
  PTO - Direct Std.
Hydrostatic - opt.