Meyer Farm 2004

MeyerFE FarmWagon SingleAxle model

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MeyerFE FarmWagon SingleAxle model



  • Improved steering assemblies put iron where it counts.
  • Constructed to accommodate today's high horsepower applications.
  • Spring assisted tongue standard on all models.
  • 4" x 8" Tubular (not welded) Bolsters standard on all models.


Rugged tandem wings provide smooth ride and high floatation. Impressive 2 1/2" shafts attached wings on 1906 & 2206 models.

Flexibility & Strength
C-section reach is standard on all Meyer Wagons. No rotating collars to wear out. A-frames have been strengthened on most models

All Meyer wagons (except 1704, 2004 & 2206) utilize reinforced elbow-type front spindles with 2° camber for straighter trailing.

Steering arms are made of 1" plate steel.


Model 2004
Capacity 20 ton
Weight w/tires 3250# w/trk tires
Thread Width 86.5"
Spindle Diameter 3 ½"
Hub Size 10 Bolt 15000#
Bolster Size/Height  
Reach Size  
Wheel Base 117" to 165"
Quick Hitch Pole  
Pole Adj. 84"-110"
Hyd. Surge Brakes Opt.