Meyer Farm 8124RT

MeyerFE 8100 BossRT ForageBox Model

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MeyerFE 8100 BossRT ForageBox Model



Fully Welded Frame - No Bolts

This frame is designed to carry heavy loads day after day.

  • 16" Centers on Tubular uprights
  • 16" Centers on Tubular Floor Supports
  • 16" Centers on Channel Cross Members
  • The welded construction will not bow or bend and is a perfect fit for truck & trailer frames. You won’t see the flexing and twisting associated with competitive boxes.


Apron Chain Tighteners are easy to access without removing any shields. No greasing on idler sprockets thanks to oil impregnated bushings.

Full 8' Wide inside-Boasting 25 ton capacity. Smooth Clad-Tuff Fiberglass Reinforced Side Panels and a solid poly floor providing less stress on your silage box and faster clean out speeds!

2x2"x11 gauge tubular floor supports and top rail Standard equipment. (not angle iron or Z strips like the other guys!)

The Heart of the BOSS RT design is its Massive RT hydraulic Geardrive design and 2 3/8" drive shaft. This Meyer feature is a industry exclusive offering you:

  • Less maintenance (no roller chains)
  • Faster unload times
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Reversing apron system available
  • Single drive 8118,20,22,24
  • Dual drive 8126

Two Gate Options!
Standard Top Pivot Door

  • Cut Unloading Time!!
  • Holds gate open until box is completely unloaded
  • Positive Door Latches
  • No operator assistance
  • Patent Pending

Optional Center Opening Doors

  • Doors split in the center and open parallel to the sides
  • Ideal for Big Baggers
  • Locks into chains for travel, requires air or hydraulics for closure
  • Now available with grain kit!


Inside Length 24'8"
Inside Width 97"
Inside Height - no extension 72"
Inside Height w/14" extension 85.5"
Overall Length 25'9"
Overall Width 102"
Overall Height - no extension (top of gate)* 103.5"
Overall Height w/14" extension (top of gate)* 115.5"
Overall Side Height - no ext. / with ext.* 88.25/102"
Stringer Width (Truck/Trailer Mount) 33.5"
Capacity (struck level) Cu. Ft. - w/o ext. 1200
Capacity (struck level) Cu. Ft. - w14" ext. 1400
Maximum Net Load (off road rating) 25 ton
Apron Chains (Pintle) 667XH
Rear Drive Shaft 2-3/8" HD SOLID SHAFT
Power Source / DIRECT GEARDRIVE Hyd.
Upright Spacing 16" on Cntr
Upright / Cross member Construction 2x2 Tubing
Unloading Time (Dependent of Hyd. System) 40 sec.
Clad-Tuff Fiberglass Woven Side Panels Standard
Stainless Steel Sides Panels Optional
Solid Poly Floor - High Molecular Standard
Rear Gate Delay System *new RT design!! Optional
Automatic Rear Door Unlatch / Latch Standard
Hydraulic Drive Standard
Double Viewing Window in front gate Standard
Rear Transport Lights - LED (new location) Standard
Marker/Clearance Lights (LED) & D.O.T. Tape Optional
Personalized Farm Name on Sides Standard
14" Removable Side Extension (screen or solid) Optional
+Fold-down Front Extension optional  
Double Center Opening Doors Hyd./Air (Barn Doors) Optional
Grain Kit / Quick Attach for Top Pivot Door Optional
Grain Kit / Quick Attach for Barn Door Gate Optional
Side-mtd, LED Turn Signals in addition to std Optional
Reversing Apron Feature Optional
Side Hood Deflector/backstop (RH side) Optional
Black paint in lieu of Red Optional
Truck Mount Kit w/Steel Fenders Optional
Factory Install of Truck Mount Kit Optional
Wagon/Trailer Mount Kit Optional
Front to Back Scissor Tarp (electric) Optional
Side-to-Side Roll Tarp (electric) Optional
*Height measurements - Straight Truck Mounted Units require hardware which adds approximately 1.5" to height listed above