Meyer Farm 8226RT

MeyerFE 8200 BossRT ForageBox model

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MeyerFE 8200 BossRT ForageBox model



  • Clad tuff, fiberglass reinforced side panels standard
  • Solid poly floor
  • 667XH pintle aprons with dual rear drive standard
  • Fully cab controlled-advanced hydraulic front drive system
  • RT Geardrive front unload technology
  • Wider, heavier Cross Apron with hydraulic lift standard 81X conveyor with 1 1/4" endshafts
  • Rear gate delay standard on top pivot door
  • Front to rear unload hydraulic selector valve (no hose swapping!)

Simple, powerful geardrive technology!
No worm drive gearboxes - period!
No chains for Main or Crossapron drives
Remote Auger Bearing grease banks

Front Hydraulic Power Supply
All cab controlled
No belts
* unit pictured with optional Electric front/rear selector valve (Manual Selector Standard)

Front Hydraulic Power Supply
All cab controlled - All front unload functions operated from driver's seat.
Safer - Faster - Smarter

High Capacity! 22 - 24 - 26' floor lengths * 8' Inside Box Width *
Wider Cross Apron w/ massive 81X Chain and hyd lift
1 1/4" conveyor shafts and 2" front apron drive shaft (2 3/8" Rear Drive)


Inside Length 26'
Inside Width 97"
Inside Height - no extension 72"
Inside Height w/14" extension 85.5"
Overall Length 31"
Overall Width w/ Convey. Ext 119"
Overall Width w/o Convey. Ext 117"
Overall Height - no extension (top of gate)* 103.5"
Overall Height w/ 14" extension (top of gate)* 115.5"
Overall Side Height - no ext. / with ext.* 88.25/102"
Stringer Width (Truck/Trailer Mount) 33.5"
Capacity (struck level) Cu. Ft. - w/o ext. 1260
Capacity (struck level) Cu. Ft. - w14" ext. 1495
Maximum Net Load (off road rating) 25 ton
Apron Chains (Pintle) 667XH
Cross Conveyor Apron Chain HD81X
Rear Drive Shaft 2-3/8" HD SOLID SHAFT
Front Hydraulic Direct Geardrive Standard
Rear Unload Power Source Dual #120
Upright Spacing 16" on Cntr
Upright / Cross member Construction 2x2 Tubing
Rear Unloading Time (Dependent of Hyd. System) 50 sec.
Clad-Tuff Fiberglass Woven Side Panels Standard
Solid Poly Floor - High Molecular Standard
Rear Gate Delay System *new RT design!! Standard
Automatic Rear Door Unlatch / Latch Standard
Hydraulic Drive Standard
Rear Transport Lights - LED (new location) Standard
Marker/Clearance Lights (LED) & D.O.T. Tape Optional
Personalized Farm Name on Sides Standard
14" Removable Side Extension (screen or solid) Optional
+includes 4th beater assembly  
Double Center Opening Doors Hyd./Air (Barn Doors) N/A
Grain Kit / Quick Attach for Top Pivot Door N/A
Grain Kit / Quick Attach for Barn Door Gate N/A
Side-mtd, LED Turn Signals in addition to std Optional
Side Hood Deflector/backstop (RH side) Optional
Black paint in lieu of Red Optional
Truck Mount Kit w/ Steel Fenders Optional
Factory Install of Truck Mount Kit Optional
Wagon/Trailer Mount Kit Optional
Front Enclosure Optional
Front to Back Scissor Tarp (electric) Optional
Side-to-Side Roll Tarp (electric) Optional
*Height measurements - Straight Truck Mounted Units require hardware which adds approximately 1.5" to height listed above