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Model Width Tines Capacity Weight
RNBR008 8'0" 10 168 cu/ft 2,755 lbs
RNBR010 10'0" 12 213 cu/ft 3,086 lbs
RNBR012 12'0" 14 240 cu/ft 3,461 lbs

Features of the BuckRake

BuckRakeHydraulic Ram Pushoff Feature

Unique hydraulic pushoff feature provides smooth even distribution of silage, resulting in higher quality feed.

This movement, along with the strong side tines, ensures that the silage is pushed forward off the forks in front of the machine at a rate controlled by the operator.

End lumps, bumps, and balling. By quickly and evenly spreading silage, the BuckRake allows you to spend more time packing to enhance feed quality and reduce shrinkage.


BuckRake Handles 4.5 tonsHandles 4.5 tons

Buckrake easily handles 4.5 tons of silage at one time, allowing you to move more material more efficiently and reduce your overall cycle time.

Faster and more effecient than a bucket or a blade, BuckRake saves you time, fuel and greatly reduces stress on your tractor.

Available in 3 different sizes, BuckRake is designed to fit Cat II-III, front or rear 3 point linkage, requiring a single remote SCV outlet.


Easy To UseEasy to Use

Easy set up. The BuckRake 3 point mounting system quickly mounts to your tractor’s front, or rear 3 point linkage. Designed for use with a manual, or hydraulic top link. The BuckRake 5 top mounting holes allow for the perfect articulation range. Complete with hydraulic lines and quick couplers, BuckRake easily installs in minutes.

Easy on your tractor. Twin 75mm hydraulic cylinders balanced through a divider valve allow for smooth powerful silage push off without effecting your tractor’s power while lifting, or climbing. This results in noticeable fuel savings working in haylage. The BuckRake moves volume without the twisting action associated with blades, or loaders illuminating adverse side loads on your tractor’s frame.

Easy on the operator. The unique BuckRake large screen back is easy to see through, allowing the operator to accurately place and spread silage faster. More effective at moving larger volumes of silage, BuckRake allows the operator more time to pack correctly and to stay well ahead of incoming trucks resulting in a more relaxed and stress free experience.




BuckRakes are purpose built for high volume silage producers and contractors demanding reliability.

BuckRake is built with Hardox steel tines and wear pads. Hardox is 3 times stronger than normal steel. Every feature of a BuckRake is manufactured for full on use in haylage and corn.



All BuckRakes Include:

  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Hardox Tines
  • 3 point hitch link mounting for front or rear
  • 5 Top link positions
  • High flow divider valve for even push off
  • Twin 75mm hydraulic rams
  • Hydraulic lines with quick couplers
  • 4 removable side tines with integral storage
  • High quality paint finish
  • Category 2/3 mounting brackets