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Competitive Equipment

At Salem Farm Supply we bring you equipment models from Kubota that carry the same features as other leading brands in the agriculture market...at a competitive quality and price! 

Check out our chart below to look which Kubota models fall under the same category of features as the other brands. You'll see that our Kubota equipment works the same way as the leading models like John Deere, Mahindra, and New Holland, with features that work on landscapes and big or small projects: Zero turn features, lawn and garden designs for backyards, front-mount design, compact design, loaders (wheel and track), disc mowers, harvesting tools, conditioning tools...Kubota can do it all!

No other brand can combat the same tasks that commercial and professional brands can like Kubota.


  • M Series Utility Tractors: (M6060, M7060, M5-091, M5-111, M6-101, M6-111, M6-131, M6-141, M6s-111SHC, M6S-111SHDC, M6S-111SDSC)



  • "john deere 5075e" Utility Tractor; 
  • "john deere 1023E" sub compact utility tractor; 
  • "mahindra mforce 105p" utility tractor
  • "new holland t4 85" tractor
  • Compact B and L Series- (B3350SU, B2650/B3350, B2320/B2320 Narrow, B2301/B2601)
  • Sub-Compact Tractors (BX1880, BX2380, BX2680, BX23S)



  • john deere 1025r sub-compact utility tractor; 
  • john deere x350r" lawn tractor; 
  • john deere d105 lawn tractor
  • "mahindra 3540 4wd" compact tractor;
  • "mahindra 3550 hst cab" compact tractor; 

  • "mahindra max 26xl 4wd hst cab" mid compact tractor
  • M7 Series Agriculture Tractors ( M7-171, M7-151, M7-131)





  • "john deere 6115M" tractor;
  • "john deere 6145M" tractor
  • "john deere X394 " tractor
  • "john deere 9570RX" tractor
  • K Series  Compact Excavators (K008-3, KX018-4, KX71-3, KX033-4, KX040-4, KX057-4, KX080-45)
  • U Series Compact Excavators (U17, U25, U35-4, U55-4)



  • "john deere 75g" excavator
  • "new holland e17c" compact excavators

  • Mid-Size Utility Vehicles (RTV400Ci, RTV500)
  • Full-Size Utility Vehicles (RTV-X900, RTV-X1120, RTV-X1100C, RTV-X1140)




  • "john deere RSX850i" Utility Vehicle; 
  • "john deere XUV 625i" utility vehicle; 
  • "john deere XUV590i" utility vehicle
  • Zero-Turn Mowers (Z100 Kommander Series, Z400 Series, Z700 Series, ZD1000 Series, ZD1200 Series, ZD1500 Series, Z200 Series, Z300 Series)
  • Walk-Behind Mowers (WG Series, WH Series, WHF Series)
  • Front Mount Mowers (F2690E, F2690, F3990)
  • T and GR Series Lawn and Garden Tractors




  • "john deere wh52a" commercial mower
  • Kubota R530 and R630 Series Wheel Loaders



  •  "mahindra loader 4550-2l" Loader;
  • "mahindra loader 4550-2l" Loader
  •  "new holland w50c zb" compact wheel loader
  • Kubota SSV65 and SSV75 Skid Steer Loaders




  •  "new holland l234" skid steer loaders
  • Kubota RA Series Rotray Rakes (RA1035, RA1042T, RA2071TEVO, RA2577, RA2072, RA2076, RA2584)





  •  "new holland ProRotor 3223" Rotary Rake
  •  Kubota BV4160 Econo, BV4180, BV5160, BV4580 Prem/PremNet




  •  "new holland Roll Belt 450" baler
  •  "new holland BC5050" square baler
  • Kubota TLB Series, B26, L47, M62 Loader Backhoes



  • "new holland b110c" backhoe loaders
  • Kubota DMC8000 and DMC8500 Series



  •  "new holland 316" mower conditioner

Durability, power, and long-lasting, this is what defines our Kubota brand and you can check out the oustanding features of our equipment at our Kubota page or check out more brands from our dealership at our New Equipment page.

Need further assistance? You can contact our departments for help on finding parts or getting service for your equipment.

You can also directly contact our service line at 1-800-999-3276 (FARM) or 518-854-7424 to communicate with our Service Manager, Brian Wilber.

Email us at service@salemfarmsupply.com