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Gehl RT135 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York

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Gehl RT135 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York




The Gehl RT135 Compact Track Loader is taking performance to the next level.

  • Compact dimensions combined with stellar power makes the RT135 perfect for tough jobs in confined spaces.
  • Optional rear bumper/counterweight provides additional protection and capability.
  • Thick steel plating and heavy-duty pins and bushing strengthen the loader for extreme-duty work.
  • Electronic engine control and foot throttle allow operation at partial throttle, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption.


Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm):  110" (2794)

Operator's Cabinhe RT135 features a new, state-of-the-art, fully-adjustable operator's cab.

  • Sound reduction material within the cab suppresses outside noise for a quieter operator environment.
  • A front-lifting restraint bar with integrated armrests provides personalized comfort and increased safety.
  • Standard high-back adjustable seat and optional air-ride suspension seat or mechanical suspension seat provide enhanced, all-day comfort.
  • Cab forward design enhances view to the bucket edge. Lowered rear towers improve visibility to the rear of the machine.
  • Hydraloc™ System - Brakes and hydraulics are applied automatically whenever the operator raises the restraint bar, leaves the operator's seat or switches off the ignition.
  • Creature comforts include automatic dome light, cup holder, 12-volt outlet, storage tray and multiple adjustable air vents. 



Controls on the Gehl RT135 Compact Track Loader are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and improve versatility.

  • Adjustable Joystick Pilot controls provides the operator true 1:1 proportional control over the drive system.
  • Standard Hydraloc™ system applies the parking brake whenever the operator raises the restraint bars, leaves the operator's seat, opens the door or switches off the ignition.
  • Standard ISO drive pattern
  • Multi-purpose LCD display provides easy readout during operation.
  • Easy Manager Telematics



The RT135 is equipped with an all-new Yanmar Tier IV naturally-aspirated diesel engine. 

  • Automatic glow plug heating system provides superior cold-weather starting.
  • After treatment meets all Tier IV requirements through proven technology. 


Make:  Yanmar
Model:    4TNV88C-KMS
Power (kW) @ rpm:   46.6 hp (34.3) @ 2500
Displacement (L):  133.6 cu.in. (2.2)


The R135 has amped-up hydraulic systems which incorporate intuitive design for precise controllability.

  • Standard proportional auxiliary hydraulic control gives the operator the ability to adjust attachment speeds with infinitely adjustable flow control.
  • Attachments changes are clean and easy with flat-faced quick couplers that allow for changes by hand instead of tools.
  • Hardened chrome cylinder rods resist pitting, rusting and scratching, extending the life of the cylinders.


Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard (L/min):  16.8 gpm (63.6)
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - Option (L/min):  N/A
Reservoir Capacity (L):  9.2 gal. (34.8)

Attachment System

A full line of Edge attachments and accessories are designed specifically to fill operators’ needs, making their RT135 the most versatile machine on the job site. Popular attachments are listed below.

Bale Movers
Pallet Forks
Mower, Rotary
Skeleton Rock Bucket
Stump Grinders
Tree Puller/Grabbing Tool

Lift Arm

The robust lift-arm on the RT135 Compact Track Loader is designed for optimal strength, visibility and capacity.

  • Additional reach and increased dump height result in more efficient load placement and overall performance.
  • Low-profile design provides outstanding forward, rear and side visibility.
  • Simple "in-line" design increases structural integrity by eliminating the complex geometry and welding found on many competitive "offset" lift arm designs.
  • Front channel support and large diameter pivot pins provide exceptional lateral strength and rigidity.
  • Lift-arm incorporates dual bucket cylinders and two lift-arm stop blocks on the front of the main frame to evenly distribute digging forces.


Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm):  110" (2794)
Dump Reach at Full Height (mm):  23.3" (592)


Excellent service access and quality components pair up to provide durable machines that are easy to maintain.

  • Large engine cover is hinged and positioned by gas-springs to assist lifting and holding in place, and allows for easy return to closed/operating position.
  • Swing-out rear door easily opens on hinges, allowing full access to filters and fluid reservoirs, for servicing and maintenance.
  • All-new swing-out cooler provides improved access to the engine bay area.
  • Entire ROPS/FOPS assembly tilts rearward with a gas-spring assist for easy internal access to the pumps, hydraulic valve bank and drive motors.
  • All-new cab safety restraint & pull cord safely holds ROPS/FOPS in raised position. 
  • Removable plate for easy clean-out of foot area inside ROPS/FOPS


Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised 144.5"
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised 110"
Reach - Fully Raised 23.3"
Dump Angle - Fully Raised 40°
Dump Height - Fully Raised 83.6"
Maximum Rollback Angle - Fully Raised 98°
Overall Height at ROPS 76"
Overall Length with Bucket - w/o Counterweight 121.1"
Overall Length without Bucket - w/o Counterweight 92.9"
Specified Height 58.8"
Reach at Specified Height 20.3"
Dump Angle at Specified Height 75°
Maximum Rollback Angle at Ground 28°
Carry Position 6.5"
Maximum Rollback Angle at Carry Position 28°
Digging Position - Above Ground +0.7"
Angle of Departure with Standard Counterweight 28°
Ground Clearance 8.4"
Track Gauge 45.2"
Track Shoe Width 11.8"
Crawler Base 46"
Overall Width - Less Bucket 57"
Bucket Width 60"
Clearance Radius - Front With Bucket 75.5"
Clearance Radius - Rear without Standard Counterweight 56.7"
Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load 1,350 lbs.
Operating Capacity at 50% Tipping Load 1,929 lbs.
Tipping Load 3,857 lbs.
Operating Weight 6,510 lbs.
Make/Model Yanmar/4TNV88C-KMS Tier IV
Type 4-Stroke Naturally Aspirated
Displacement/Cylinders 133.6 cu.in./4
Gross Power @ rpm 46.6 hp @ 2500
Oil Pump Capacity 6.8 qts.
Alternator Voltage/Amperage 12V/100A
Track Drives  
Drawbar Pull/Tractive Effort 7,160 lbs.
Track Type/Track Rollers/Roller Type Rubber/4/Steel
Track Width 11.8"
Ground Pressure 6 psi
Bucket Breakout - Tilt Cylinder 3,500 lbs.
Bucket Breakout - Lift Cylinder 3,730 lbs.
Ground Speed - Single Speed 6.2 mph
Fuel Tank 15.7 gal.
Hydraulic Reservoir Tank 9.2 gal.
Coolant Capacity 2.1 gal.
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed 16.8 gpm
High-Flow Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed N/A
Transmission Pump Type Hydrostatic Pump Transmission 
Motor Type Radial Piston
Electronic System  
Battery Volts 12V
Cold Cranking Amps at Temperature 800 CCA @ 0°F