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Manure Pumps

For decades GEA has offered electric and power take-off pumps, a wide range of products designed to agitate and facilitate the evacuation of manure from your reception pit or main storage reservoir.

GEA strives to provide solutions that support proper manure management by offering products with a wide range of options to aid in manure transfer from any types of storage. With our knowledge of manure, GEA has the ability to anticipate the needs of producers and transform that knowledge into ingenious, efficient and high quality products.


Manure Agitators

GEA Agitators are designed to offer high agitation performance in all types of manure storage.

Depending on whether you have a lagoon or a concrete pit, we have the agitator to meet your quality and efficiency standards. Discover the benefits and key features that make the use of our agitators the perfect way to efficiently agitate manure.

  • DairyFarming Articulated Agitator 1 tcm11 17758 w710

    Articulated PTO Agitator

    The far-reaching articulated agitator with its strong 3-point hitch agitates the content of a concrete pit safely and efficiently.

  • DairyFarming Electric Agitator Pontoon 1 tcm11 17765 w710

    Electric Agitator on Pontoon

    Efficiently homogenizes liquid manure contained in saucer-shaped pits.

  • DairyFarming Electromix Agitator 032015 tcm11 17770 w710

    Electromix Agitator

    The Electromix Agitator is the perfect agitation device to homogenize manure from your reception pit. It mixes the solids with liquid in order to maximize pumping. Match your pit depth with a choice of eight agitator lengths or with the double propeller agitator if you have an even deeper pit.

  • DairyFarming Lagoon Agitator 1 tcm11 17776 w710

    Lagoon Agitator

    5 lengths of Lagoon Agitator available to give you the necessary far- reaching access to agitate the content of your lagoon efficiently and safely.