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Hustler Unrolla LX104

Hustler Unrolla LX104 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York

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Hustler Unrolla LX104 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York



Strong Floor Bars

The mounted round bale unroller has 15 floor bars made from 40 x 40 x 4 mm (1.5 x 1.5 x 0.157 in) RHS (square hollow section) fitted. They are 4 to 5 times more resistant to torsion than angle-boxed type bars of the same size. For increased rigidity, the bars are bolted to the chain and can be replaced in a matter of minutes without breaking the chain.

Aggressive teeth

Four 50-mm (2-in) long teeth are placed on each feed bars. We made them stronger and are now 8-mm (0.3-in) thick for more ultimate efficiency.

Toughest Chain

The Unrolla zinc-plated chains are the toughest chains on the market today with a combined total rating of 24,000 lbs. We also chose to use larger 40mm (1.57 in) diameter rollers and pins to make our chain drive system almost twice as strong as our competitors. A greater surface on each roller pin drastically increases the chain life because the wear and tear is so insignificant that they can’t stretch or snake as a result.

New and tougher sprocket design

Our new 6-tooth HardLine™ sprockets are made from high-tensile wear-plate Bisalloy® 80 steel (the same material used in a bulldozer blades) so they last forever. With smaller diameter yet longer teeth, our 165-mm (6.5-in) sprockets require less torque to drive the chains, giving more drive power for tough bales. With a fully enclosed design, it is virtually impossible for the chain to jump off the sprockets, saving you downtime during your feeding routine.

Ultra-low bale cradle

Our extra-deep bale cradle design is the lowest loading height in its class on the market so it is made for easy loading should you not have much lift height on your tractor hitch. And our unique cradle shape has been cleverly developed to pull apart a wider variety of bale types.

Front and rear fences

The mounted Unrolla round bale unroller is equipped with a screwed, tool-free removable front and rear fence. The back fence is used to pull the bale against at loading and to hold it securely in the chamber/cradle during transport on even the steepest of terrain. As the chamber is fully enclosed, you can also use your bale unroller to feed out loose feed such as pit silage, grains, maize, cattle cakes, fodder beet and more.

Thermoformed polyethylene floor

Our single-piece fully enclosed floor made from durable and lightweight polyethylene reduces feed waste and has excellent slippery properties with 30% less frictional resistance than steel, making it easier to feed out sticky bales, putting less strain on the hydraulic motor, which requires less power and flow! Polyethylene is also super strong as it is used in bullet-proof waistcoats, has very good flexural strength, even at low temperatures and does not absorb moisture. Polyethylene guarantees maximum reliability against corrosion and oxidation problems, unlike steel which you may have to replace after a few years. In addition, polyethylene can be treated with anti-UV agents. And while steel is made from non-renewable natural resources, polyethylene is obtained from non-fossil resources such as sugar cane and linear high-density polyethylene is a 100% recyclable raw material.

Covered driveshafts

The thermoformed polyethylene floor covers the driveshafts, which eliminates any possibility for the feed to wrap around or jamming.

New dual auto-latch system

New and improved high-mounted connection latches on both sides of the feeder take the load off the cradle, which removes any load from the bale spears. The auto-latch spring is now fully encapsulated providing a more reliable, positive connection to handle the heaviest bales. The mounted Unrolla bale unrollers also benefits from the unique patented Hustler’s Snaplox™ auto connect/disconnect hands-free loading system saves you time, saves you having to tug on a rope to disconnect, and saves you from twisting your back.

Unique Hook Design

The unique design of the hooks carries the entire load of the feeder, rather than the tines carrying the weight. This provides a stronger connection between feeding cradle and headstock which allows for a higher load rating and eliminates twisting and bent tines. It also means that once properly hooked, the cradle is 100% secured for the operators and the animals, with no chance to come down whatever the angle is.

Protected Drive and Motor

The Unrolla drive coupling system and motor are both protected by a steel cover to eliminate hay building up around them and to avoid accidental damage caused by mistake, including contact with the tractor tyre, which can save you costly downtime and repairs when your tractor has short linkage arms.

User-friendly reinforced and profiled tines

We’ve used specifically designed forged bale tines that spear the bale rather than pushing it. They are also longer than traditional tines, which reduces bale sag even with the wettest of bales. One tine is longer than the other for quick and easy alignment when reconnecting the cradle. You’ll only need to line up one tine, then back straight in.

New chain tensioners

The chain tensioners are built into the machine frame, should you ever need to adjust the pre-set chain tension. The design has been improved to make the chain tensioners even more tough with less risk of damaging the system and a longer life for the chain. It is now also even easier to adjust than before.

Single Lever Control

A single lever control can operate the whole machine and allows you to feed out bales to the left or right and gives precise control of the feed rate.

Compact Design

With a compact design, the mounted Unrolla round bale unrollers have a centre of gravity closer to the tractor (centre of mass 30 mm closer to the tractor). The cradle still offers a generous space on both Unrolla LX104 (allowing more spare room for a 4” bale) and Unrolla LX105* (allowing more spare room for a 5” bale) with no chance for the bale to be jammed. This design has been developed with the operator’s ease of use and safety in mind, with unrivalled stability even mounted on the smallest compact loader.

*This model is available in North America only

New and improved headstock

A new headstock frame has been recently developed to make it stronger with thicker steel and to improve the bale loading sequence with a new contour shape. The bottom of the headstock frame is now narrower to allow the operator to spear the bale lower, which ultimately offers an easier loading sequence.

Bolted linkage mounts

The mounted Unrolla bale unrollers are equipped with bolted (not welded) and removable 3pt-linkage lower mounts, meaning that you can easily swap with another set of brackets to adapt the machine on a different tractor, loader or telehandler, future-proofing your operation.


Bale Size Round: 4' x 4' - 5' x 4'
Bale Weight: Up to 1,250 kg | Up to 2,756 lb
Unit Weight 565 kg | 1246 lb
Loading: Self-loading with integrated tines and Snaplox™ auto-latching system
Capacity: 1 bale
Hydraulics required: 1 x double-acting, 30-60 litres/min (7.9-15.9 gal/min), 2250-3000 psi
Loading: Self-loading
Chains: 24,000-lb load rated roller chains
Size (L x W x H): 1865 x 2055 x 1050 mm | 73.4 x 80.9 x 41.3 in