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Hustler Applic8r LX1150 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York

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Hustler Applic8r LX1150 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York



Ultra-Low Tank Profile

We understood the dangers of climbing onto sprayers with chemical or to see inside the tank. So with careful tank/chassis integration, we’ve kept it compact and ultra-low, in fact, the lowest in their class, so that you can easily operate the sprayer from on the ground.

CoupleUp™ filling system

Filling’s a snap, fill as you normally would through the lid or with our unique CoupleUp™ 2” tank filling system, if you have a mixing station or trash pump you can fill directly using that pump, or you can also utilise the Applic8r’s own pump to fill out of a trough or stream with an optional 5 or 10 metre filling hose.

MixMax™ Agitation System

MixMax™ Agitation System saves you from stripey paddocks. Hustler used the latest CAD flow simulation technology to create the perfect mix of fluid throughout the tank without dead spots. Powerful enough for the thickest of fertilisers and let you control how much you need, from zero to full agitation. Comes standard on the Applic8r LX890 and LX1150 and is optional on the Applic8r LX680.

NEW ErgoMax™ Induction System

NEW optional 20L ErgoMax™ induction hopper and pre-mixing system allows the operator to pre-mix powders, chemical, or fertilizer and fill from waist height for extra convenience. Designed with a smart sluce feature and container rinse nozzle to simplify clean up and is fully sealed to prevent dust entering the hopper during transport and contaminating your spray.

Adjustable Valve Mount

Ideal for the manual control options, makes the controls easier to reach, and when the sprayer is parked in the shed the valve can be adjusted out of harm’s way.


Our unique ViziGauge is visible from 120 degrees, so you can easily see your tank level from the tractor seat and the ground how much fluid you have left. A floating ball tube gauge makes it easy to read the calibrated ViziGauge™ which now features both Gallons and Litres and provides more tank filling accuracy with our unique mould-in permanent graphics.

Unique Chassis Design

Compact and built to last, it has the biggest section in its class! The unique straight-through chassis design and careful attention chassis/tank/pump integration has allowed Hustler to produce the toughest and most compact sprayer available today. The Applic8r’s chassis has been CAD tested for stress and real-life tested for fatigue on our destroyer. It lasted in excess of 4 times the required benchmark.

ISO Linkage plates

The Applic8r’s 3 point mounts are built to ISO standard unlike most other sprayers. This means you no longer need to park your sprayer on a stack of pallets so the 3 point linkage can reach it and it fits both fixed and floating 3 point linkage arms making it quicker and safer to hook up.

Built-in SkidPlate™

A tough built-in SkidPlate™ protects the vital parts including the pump, tank, filters, drain, from damage should you misjudge a hump or hollow.

QuickFlush™ Tank Drain

A high flow tank dump operated from the top of the tank saves you from climbing underneath to empty the tank and reduces clean up time and saves the operator from getting covered in chemical during clean up.

Deep sump

A generous sump size is all part of the design so that you can spray on steep terrain without sucking air and leaving missed patches and empty’s the entire tank even when operating on the steepest of terrain.

Handwash Tank

Built-in 18-litre tank for clean water so that you can wash your hands once finished filling makes sprayer with an Applic8r enjoyable.

SlickFit™ Controls

Standard the Applic8r range comes with 3-section control system and thanks to our unique SlickFit™ system, you can swap controls in a flash from the most basic of manual controls right through to the full ISO GPS control system with automatic section controls. The choice is yours!

Larger Pumps

Applica8r is spec’d with a larger than the normal pump, to ensure your sprayer is future-proofed. Standard with 110l/min Comet diaphragm pumps for longer service intervals and the ability to handing liquid fertilizers. Any fluid is only in contact with either plastic or stainless steel parts which eliminates any chance of corrosion.

Largest opening with Spill Catcher

The largest 455 mm lid to the tank with larger sieve, has a built-in hinge so that you can’t lose the lid during transport and filling. We’ve also added a spill ring around the lid to catch any accidental spillages to save them getting on the operator.

Optional Front Tank Kit

We’ve standardised front tank an integrated front tank kit to increase operational efficiency. Available in 2 sizes 890L or 1150L options so you can double your tank capacity simply adding a tank at the front of your tractor. Adding a front tank also adds ballast to the tractor for safer operation on hill country.

Optional ISOBUS Spray Control System

NEW optional ISOBUS Spray Control system, that allows the sprayer GPS system to run and manage other ISOBUS implements. Ideal for tractors not equipped with ISOBUS, Hustler partnered with Raven technology and offer the plug-and-play Raven CR7 GPS guidance linked to spray controller, including customisable in-job layout.

Mould-In Nozzle Chart

Now showing L/Ha and G/Ac our unique nozzle chart is permanently moulded into the polymer of the tank, so you’ll never need to go searching for a nozzle chart again and helps the operator get set up and spraying quicker every time.

Integrated Toolbox

Integrated into the design is a handy toolbox that is quick and easy to open and has plenty of space for spare nozzles, filters and is also handy for storing controllers when the sprayer is not in use.

Large storage box

The optional StorageBox is big enough to take chemicals, filling hos and measuring jugs with you on the job to save you having to carry them in the cab. Not available with the optional ErgoMax™ induction hopper or the foam marker.

Rear Mounted Pump

The unique design of a rear-mounted, offset pump allows for the longest PTO shaft in its class, therefore there is less angle of the joints, making for a longer-lasting shaft, it enables the sprayer to run whilst on the ground and you can fit the Applic8r to any tractor size without needing to cut or lengthen the PTO shaft.


Tank Size: 1150L (303 gal)
Flushing tank: 100L (26 gal)
Hand washing tank: 18L (4.7 gal) capacity
Pump: 110L/min (29 gal/min) rear mounted Comet pump
Storage: Built in toolbox
Controls: Three section Arag controls with SlickFit, and PressureLock function
Agitation: Adjustable MixMax agitation system (optional on 680L)
Gauge: ViziGauge view
Lid: Hinged 455mm (18 in) lid with basket strainer
Features: UtilityBar, CoupleUp tank filling system
Booms: 10 (32.8 ft) or 12 metre (39.3 ft) fully hydraulic SonicBoom. Six other boom options to choose from
Hose reel: Three hose reel options to choose from
Boomless: Three options to choose from