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KB Killbros

Grain Carts

killbros 1950 grain cart1950 Dual-Auger Grain Cart

The Killbros 1950 dual-auger grain cart is the choice for quick and convenient harvesting of your biggest fields.  Both augers run full of grain for maximum unloading efficiency. Unloading up to 400 bushels per minute, the 1950 is built to handle large capacities of grain, keeping you moving through harvest.  When you need efficency, you need a Killbros.


  • 14" horizontal floor auger feeds the 16" vertical unloading auger for unloading speeds up to 400 bushels per minute
    • 5/16" thick super-edged flighting adds to the auger life
  • Extended auger reach and a narrow transport width is acheived with the unique auger fold design
    • 6' 9 3/4" of auger reach and 14' 1" of auger height for easily unloading to center of truck
    • Auger reach can be increased up to 7' 3 3/4" with the addition of the hydraulically adjustable downspout option
  • A hydraulic lock valve on the auger provides a positive seal, preventing any grain leakage
  • Rubber rest pads help the auger ride safely and securely during transport
  • Auger-mounted halogen unloading light offers nighttime visibility


  • Augers are powered by a 1 3/4"-20 spline PTO that is shear bolt-protected with extra shear bolts stored along tongue
  • Heavy-duty, tapered sprockets with a double #80 roller chain drive features tighteners for constant tension and maximum chain life
    • Chain Oiler is standard


  • 1,100 bushel carrying capacity
  • Two front viewing windows and rear mounted ladder allow for safer and easier monitoring of cart contents
  • Hydraulic flow indicator helps control the metering of grain when topping off trucks
  • True-oscillating hitch is available in single-tang or clevis style for smoother towing
  • Low-profile tank design provides narrow transport width, steep side slopes and low center of gravity
  • Lighting and reflective striping meet the strictest state requirements
  • Hinged clean-out doors along horizontal auger for quick and easy cleanout

killbros 1111 grain cart green

11-Series Dual-Auger Grain Carts

Introducing the time-saving and high-capacity Killbros models 1111, 1311 and 1611 dual-auger grain carts – the fastest unloading grain carts ever from Killbros! The 20" horizontal floor auger, heavy-duty direct-drive gearbox and 22" vertical unloading auger combine to deliver unloading speeds up to 800 bushels per minute!


  • The 20" horizontal floor auger feeds the 22" vertical unloading auger for unloading speeds up to 800 bushels per minute!
    • Cupped, 3/8" thick extended wear flighting for fast unloading and longer life
  • The upper portion of the unloading auger rests on the convenient flip-up stand during in-field transport for a quick return to the unloading position
  • For road transport, the support stand flips down and the upper auger rests against the fixed lower auger for a narrow, safer 12' transport width
  • Two standard auger-mounted lights and a halogen light mounted inside the cart enhance nighttime visibility; the lights turn on automatically when the auger is moved to the unloading position


  • The unique drivetrain design features a belt drive for the floor auger and a heavy-duty, direct-drive gearbox for the unloading auger for unmatched unloading power and speed
    • Using the convenient control handle, the horizontal auger can also be disengaged, if needed
  • Cut-out clutch with 1 3/4", 20 spline PTO


  • Hydraulically controlled downspout allowing the operator to easily unload and top off trucks
  • Direct the flow of grain straight down or outward

Tank Design

  • Available in 1100, 1300 and 1600 bushel capacities
  • Manufactured with a 12-gauge steel shell, tubular steel mainframe and reinforced gusset design for extreme durability
  • 4½" spindles on the 1111 and 5 1/2" spindles on the 1311 are made of stress-proof steel and are rated at full cart capacity per spindle
  • Steep walls and a recessed floor auger mean fast and complete unloading
  • Easy opening floor auger and unloading auger access gates allow for complete and easy cleanout
  • D.O.T-approved high-intensity LED taillight package, reflective striping and transport safety chain are standard for greater transport safety


kb 1195 unloading overall1100-Series Single Auger Grain Carts

If you're looking for a dependable and valuable time-saving addition to your farming operation, look to the Killbros 1100-Series grain carts. Designed and built with the operator in mind, these carts offer a reliable solution that helps your harvesting efficiency. The 1100-series offers 500 to 1,000 bushel capacity models to meet the needs of any operation!


  • Corner-auger assembly provides maximum visibility and auger reach for convenient unloading.
  • Models 1195, 1185 and 1175 feature a 17" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 400 bushels per minute.
  • Models 1160 and 1150 feature a 14" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 300 bushels per minute.
  • 5/16" super-edge flighting adds to auger life.
  • Auger mounted halogen unloading light for greater nighttime visibility.
  • Direct mounted auger-fold cylinder provides positive locking and features nickel undercoating and chrome plating for the best protection against weathering.
  • Computer-balanced auger flighting ensures smooth unloading
  • Four position drive dog reduces auger startup shock to maximize driveline longevity.


  • Available in 500, 600, 750, 850 and 1,000 bushel capacities.
  • Lower sump placement enables cart to be manufactured with steeper front and rear slopes which provide complete and easy cleanout.
  • Tubular frame construction for added strength and durability
  • Shear-bolt protected driveline with extra shear bolts stored along the tongue for minimal downtime.
  • Nonslip surface on tongue and viewing ladder for convenient viewing of carts load.
  • Convenient hose holders for easy storage and hookup.
  • Transport lights and reflective striping meet the strictest state requirements.
  • Viewing windows in front and back offer safer and easier viewing of cart contents.
  • Clevis or single-tang, swivel-style hitch prevents damage to tractor drawbar.
  • Hydraulically operated 36" flow gate with highly visible position indicator for controlling grain flow.
  • Lever-actuated clean out door for easier sump cleanout and pit dumping.



gravity box augerGravity Box Augers & Conveyors

Two of the most useful tools in any operation, the Killbros Gravity Box Conveyor and Auger provide a versatile and time saving addition to any farm. Couple your choice of auger or conveyor with the available options to suit them perfectly for your operation.


  • Adjustable-width hopper fits virtually any door width
  • Available in 12',14' and 15' sizes with a choice of cupped steel, brush-tip or plastic flighting
  • The hopper's sump placement provides continuous flow rate, minimizing seed damage
  • Transport bracket with locking pin holds the auger tightly to the side of the wagon during transport
  • Six-cubic-inch hydraulic motor is top-mounted to protect components and provides excellent ground clearance
  • Sump access door with pin for quick and complete cleanout from one material to another
  • Flexible 36" discharge spout delivers seed or grain precisely on-target
  • Auger tube mounted winch gives you extra leverage to easily raise and lower the auger



  • 8” cupped and cleated conveyor belt, inside a 6” tube provides fast and gentle seed handling of 10-12 bushels per minute
  • The unique sump-style hopper keeps the conveyor full during operation and also features a door with latch for easy cleanout from one seed variety to another
  • Six-cubic-inch hydraulic motor is top-mounted to protect components and provide excellent ground clearance. Requires just 8-12 gallons per minute and 1,200 PSI.
  •  Durable steel construction with a powder coat finish for a high-quality look and durable construction
  • 16’ conveyor, along with the standard 3-stage spout that extends from 6’ to 10’, stretch to a 44’ reach for easily filling a 16-row planter
  • Universal mounting system allows for easy installation on 400+ bu. gravity boxes with door widths ranging from 34” to 62”
  • Secure storage and narrow transport with the unique bracket with handle and winch for easily fitting into transport position
  • Locking winch easily raises and lowers unit from transport position to desired working height