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Kuhn EL 282-300 Cultitiller rotor

Kuhn EL 282-300 Cultitiller rotor for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York

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Kuhn EL 282-300 Cultitiller rotor for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York




Simple Adjustments and Versatile Options

Depth Control

When fitted with a roller, depth adjustment is easily performed using pins inserted into a multi-hole quadrant. The roller is free to drop, maintaining maximum contact with the soil in any condition. This provides optimum firming of the seedbed and helps level the cultivated surface.

MaxiPacker Roller

The large 21-inch MaxiPacker roller diameter reduces the rolling resistance and increases flotation. This roller can easily be combined with heavier drills. Coated scrapers are supplied as standard to maximize the service life, reduce adjustment, and improve cleaning of the roller in sticky soils.

Adjustable Two-Piece Rear Hood

The EL 282 Series power harrows come with an articulated, curved rear hood that can be easily adjusted by hand cranks. This convenient adjustment allows you the ability to recirculate the soil and crop residues to regulate the soil flow for improved seedbed leveling.


Quick Change Rotor System

This system provides rapid exchange between the Cultirotor rotor and the Cultitiller rotor. You will also be able to safely replace the blades by separating the rotor from the chassis. It takes just a few minutes to remove the five mounting bolts and the rotor is on the ground!

Large Rotor Clearance

The significant clearance between the rotor and casing reduces power requirements and facilitates soil flow. In wet conditions, the machine has less tendency for soil buildup to occur between the rotor and the body.

Double Drive

The double drive (similar design to a planetary gear train) ensures a smoother and more efficient drive than with two individual gearboxes: an exclusive KUHN feature.


Unique Design

The unique design of the triple-cooling gearbox is able to reduce gearbox temperatures for high reliability.


Model EL 282-300 Cultitiller rotor
Available rotors Cultirotor/Cultitiller
Maximum PTO power 270 hp (201 kW)
Minimum PTO power 100 hp (73 kW)
Central gearbox Two-speed
PTO shaft 1 3/4'' - 20-spline
Rear PTO output shaft Standard
PTO protection Slip clutch
Rotor drive Forged steel gears
PTO speed 1,000 rpm
Rotor speed 244/287 rpm at 1,000 PTO rpm
Number of blades 72/60
Maximum working depth 11" (28 cm)
Working depth adjustment Manual
Rear hood adjustable Crank handle
Hitch Cat. 3 and 4, Quick hitch Cat. 3 and 4 compatible
Transport Width 10'9" (3.3 m)
Working width 9'10" (3.0 m)
Approximate machine weight 4,023-4,824 lbs (1,825-2,188 kg)