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Meyer Farm SXL3954 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York

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Meyer Farm SXL3954 for sale at Salem Farm Supply, New York



  • Pull Type Models in 4 sizes / Truck Mount Version available soon!
  • Meyer patented straight-line flow - provides the ultimate spread performance. Better pattern, faster unload time, less horsepower & minimal wind drift!
  • Rear Unload Rules! When it comes to spreading, keep the mess behind you. Provides superior application too.
  • 3 auger system, only one of its kind! Lower 20" augers feed the door while the upper 13" auger levels the load forward and eliminates bridging.
  • Thanks to the dual lower auger arrangement, the Meyer spreader body is wide down low. This means we can maintain a lower load height with maximum capacity! The other advantage is the near elimination of bridging which is common in side delivery spreaders.
  • independent Lower Auger Shear Bolt Protection, a Meyer exclussive. Allows you to protect an obstructed auger while still unloading a majority of the load with the other auger. Bound to save you work!
  • Heavy Duty Drivetrain - Crossfire models feature #120 final drive chains #80 expeller and first reduction. HD jackshafts / spring chain tensioning / remote greasing on hard to reach spots! The auto roller chain oiler is standard for added convenience and extended chain life.
  • Automatic Roller Chain Oiler is standard. Oils all roller chains each time you cycle the tailgate. Eliminates reduced access and manure contamination associated with oil bath systems.
  • Sectionally Flighted 20" Lower Augers propel material to the rear of the spreader. Full auger flighting / No Paddles to wrap, freeze or wedge material
  • Our Revolutionary T-Post auger hold-down retains a nylatron (non maintenance) bushing and maintains tight auger tollerance to the tank floor. Provides you more complete cleanout!
  • Vertical Twin Expellers pulverize material for smooth, even application. This machine bands material across the back like a ferilizer spreader would, unlike side delivery units that attempt to chuck all the product out one side. Paddles are replacable and reversible!
  • Check out this Shock Load Coupler System....Drastically reduces "shock/stress" related to rocks and frozen material to your drivetrain. This dampening system combined with a torque disconnect clutch protect your expeller drive sytem.
  • Direct shaft drive expellers (includes our shock load coupler). No chains on the rear of this spreader. V-Force models feature an overrunning clutch system to reduce backlash on the drivetrain.
  • 540 CV PTO is standard - 1000 CV PTO is optional. Both incorporate a torque disconnect clutch to protect your investment.
  • All Meyer spreaders feature a full channel frame. Stress from the hitch, axles and body are transmitted throught the frame network. Take a look at the unibody design on most V-Spreaders.
  • Standard Hitch / Optional Hitch
    The 7400 Model features a standard V-Hitch / the 7500 Model comes standard the long hitch package.  (7500 pictured here with long hitch)
  • HD Axle System
    This HD, offset A-Frame tandem on the V-Force models features 3" spindles on a 7500  (2 3/4" spindles on 7400) - both are 8 bolt.   10 bolt hub/spindle option available on 7500 model.
  • Many tire options available including rib implement tires and used truck tires.
  • Angle splash shields standard front and rear on 7500; Elevated front splash shield and flat rear splash shield on 7400 model.
  • LED turn signal lighting standard / Center Lift Door
    The center lift door system eliminates arms and linkages - it is standard on the 7500 model
  • Hydraulic Lid Option
    This Hydraulic Lid feature provides cleaner transportation and less odor pollution.   Right or Left hinge available and a port hole is standard equipment. (7500 only)
  • Extension Package
    This 4" side extension is available for the 7400.   It increase it's capacity to 465 bushel or 2,150 gallons.
  • Scale Package
    The 7500 Model is available with a 5 point scale package.   Basic or Nutrient Tracker versions available.


MFE SXL3954 Specs