Degelman RR1500


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Hydraulic Drum Angle

The hydraulic angle adjustment allows the operator to hydraulically angle the entire machine on the go. Drum Angle can be adjusted from 10° to 30° to achieve the optimum working angle to suit various windrowing conditions.

Hard Surfaced Reversible/Replaceable Teeth

These hard surfaced teeth are manufactured using a special grade of steel to avoid breaking and bending. These teeth also provide maximum wear as they can be rotated to use both sides. When teeth do have to be replaced, this can be done without changing the entire drum.

Optional Hydraulic Drum

The optional hyraulic powered drum allows for tight turning, quick hitching and reduced drive maintenance. The heart of Parker’s TK-series powertrain, the torque link, is an extra-heavy-duty part that includes patented
60:40 spline geometry. Rugged construction throughout allows the transmission of over 23,000 lb-in of torque. The entire powertrain is continually washed in cool, high flow fluid to assure long life. Roller vanes and sealed
commutator maintain high efficiency and provide smooth low speed performance.

Reclaim Gravel

For years rural municipalities have saved thousands of dollars, reclaiming up to 75% of their lost gravel with a Degelman Rock Rake. A simple sprocket change in the transfer case will speed the output drum to the optimum speed for breaking lumps, pulling up and sifting shoulder side gravel off of rural roads.

Extreme Duty Chain Oil Bath

Built for extreme duty, this easy to service chain housing unit provides a continuous oil bath for constant lubrication. It also incorporates our improved chain tightening system for quick and simple adjustment.

Hydraulic Folding System

The hydraulic folding system comes standard on every machine, and provides for an easy narrow transport width of eight feet and a working position of 14 feet.

Drive Train

The rock rake drive train is a whole-drive system consisting of heavy duty drivelines, gear box, #100 roller chain, and slip clutch. The entire rock rake is driven either hydraulically or by 540/1000 PTO.

Floating Drum

The floating drum absorbs the shock of buried obstructions taking the stress off the machine.


Model ROCK RAKE RR1500
Working Width 14'
Length 15'
Transport Width 8'
Weight 3640 lbs.
Drum Angle 10º to 30º
H.P. Minimum 50 h.p.
Drive Hydraulic motor or 540/1000 PTO
Main Frame 6" x 6"
Tires 9.5L x 15 Hi-Way
Chain #100
Rock Flap Standard
Teeth (reversible/replaceable) Hard Surfaced
Hydraulic Cylinder (Lifting) 3" x 8"
Hydraulic Cylinder (Angling) 3" x 8"